venerdì 1 giugno 2012

Essence fragrance

essence goes fragrance!

hi beauty,
on the fragrance shelves now: 6 new fragrances to love! a moment of happiness... a secret wish... a wonderful memory. you know how it feels with the new fragrances by essence!
the fragrances are available in a 50 ml flacon as well as in a practical 10 ml mini-size for on-the-go.
you’ll find everything there is to know about fragrances on our brand new website.

find your favourite fragrance
according to your mood:

like a walk in the summer rain:
a fragrance as refreshing as the feeling of summer rain on a hot day. embrace the summer.

like a trip to new york:
as exciting and upbeat as a short trip with your best friend. soho, times square, 5th avenue. the big apple is expecting us!

like a new love:
desire, excitement, like you’re in love – simply wonderful. this fragrance gives you a feeling of butterflies in your stomach. i love to love!

like a day in a candy shop:
a fragrance for all those who are living their dream. sweet, sensual, wonderful!

like a first day in spring:
warm rays of sunshine on your skin, the fresh scent of blossoms in the air. it’s finally time to head outside. you feel so alive!

like a girls' night out:
and the feeling is back: last night with the girls – we danced all night and had plenty of fun. this fragrance is as crazy as us. give us more!

your Cosma

sweet greetings,

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  1. sono parecchio schizzinosa con i profumi, non so quanto mi fiderei di questi essence :)

    Se ti va di passare a dare un'occhiata